Sound as Color bridges the healing energies of sound, nature and color through naturally dyed mindfulness goods and immersive sound meditation experiences.

Our line of products is a love poem to mother nature. Each one-of-a-kind piece celebrates the beautiful colors that come from natural dye and is made from carefully sourced, quality, sustainable materials.

Meet the Founder

Founded in 2019 by designer, natural dyer, and sound practitioner, Lauren Jones, Sound as Color brings the combination of her talents into one space. After stepping away from her career in fashion design, she went on to study and train in sound healing in India. She returned home eager to share these tools with her community. While setting up a healing space, she felt it was important to create accessories that aligned with her aesthetics as well as values. Leading her to use natural dyes and sustainable practices to make quality props for meditation purposes.

Natural dyeing techniques create unique and sometimes unexpected outcomes that go hand in hand with meditation in revealing the beauty of imperfections. 

Over the next two years as her practice evolved, so did the collection of products, which now range from supportive meditation cushions to silk pillowcases. Each one-of-a kind piece is hand dyed by Lauren using flowers, plants, or food waste.