Herbal Eye Pillow

Your go-to companion for calming the nervous system. This eye pillow places a light amount of pressure on the eyelids and 3rd eye, gently stimulating the vagus nerve. While the scented herbs promote relaxation.
Place in the freezer prior to use for a cooling sensation or microwave in small increments to use as a hot compress.
  • One size
  • Made with 100% hand dyed silk charmeuse, the cover is removable and hand washable (see ‘CARE’ tab).
  • Filled with organic lentils and responsibly grown and harvested herbs.
  • Infused with Reiki and healing plant energies
  • Please note: Naturally dyed textiles are perfectly imperfect. A true reflection of mother nature, these living colors may vary slightly in hue and display natural variations of saturation in one piece. Learn more about natural dye benefits and expectations here.

Silk Cover:
• Hand wash in cool water.
• Always use a pH neutral detergent to maintain the integrity of the natural color. Most free & clear detergents are pH neutral.
• Dry cover by placing in a tent shape and keep out of the sun.
• Iron on low if desired.

Inner Pillow:
• Do not saturate in water.
• To reactivate the scent of the herbs, give your eye pillow a gentle squeeze.
• The scent should last over a year but in the event yours loses its smell, reach out to us about refilling at Studio@soundascolor.com.



Cold therapy aids in relieving headaches and migraines and is great for de-puffing around the eyes.


In addition to creating a relaxing and cozy ritual, heat applied to the eyes can stimulate the meibomian glands. These tiny oil glands line the eyelids and are responsible for secreting oil which coats the surface of our eyes and keeps the water component of our tears from evaporating thus drying out the eyes. If you are experiencing dry eyes, give this a try every evening followed by gently rolling the fingers over the eyelids.

We intentionally choose lavender and chamomile for their relaxation properties. The scent of lavender is loved by many, and research suggests that it can be useful in treating anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness. Also used for its help in relieving headache + migraine symptoms. If you aren’t one for fragrance, the slightly more subtle scent of chamomile may be for you. More commonly consumed as tea, chamomile has a soothing scent that relaxes the mind, known for calming anger and irritability. Either scent will help calm the nervous system leaving you feeling relaxed.