East Tennessee raised, Brooklyn seasoned, and newly rooted in Encinitas, California. She is a designer, natural dyer, and sound practitioner.
Sound as Color
is the evolution of Lauren’s incorporated life experiences. Bridging the healing energies of sound, nature, and color. Our mission is to nourish the body, mind and spirit through:
CONNECTION to nature + community
AWARENESS using breath + sound
ARTISTRY through botanically dyed objects


After years of pursuing a career in fashion, I found my creative tank empty from the many frustrations in place by traditional industry standards. I knew there had to be a more sustainable approach to creating meaningful products.
With a desire to reassess my purpose, I left Brooklyn to travel. During my travels, I arrived in Mysore, India to study Ashtanga Yoga, and stumbled upon The Temple of Singing Bowls. I participated in a sound bath during the full moon and the experience was so impactful, I then decided to stay and train in this ancient practice. It was there I discovered meditation as an integration of life rather than a practice that stayed on my cushion. This sound-based, mindful practice created a deeper connection to all of my senses, the present moment, and ultimately to myself.  
With my new Himalayan Singing Bowls in tow, I returned home eager to share these tools with my community. While setting up my new space, I felt it was important to create accessories that aligned with my aesthetics as well as my values. I used natural dyes and sustainable practices to make quality props for meditation purposes.
Natural dyeing techniques create unique and sometimes unexpected outcomes that go hand in hand with meditation in revealing the beauty of imperfections. 
Over the next two years as my practice evolved, so did my collection of products, which now range from supportive meditation cushions to plush sleep masks.  Each one-of-a kind piece is crafted from organic cotton or silk and dyed with natural botanicals. Curating my sacred space with these consciously designed pieces has brought so much joy into my life and I am thrilled to offer you the same experience.