At Sound as Color we are committed to making high-quality goods with a low impact on our environment. We are also committed to using our platform to amplify black voices and promote diversity in the wellness industry. Take a look below to learn more about our values and practices. We know there are always ways to improve, and will continue to challenge new, better ways of doing things. Check back for more updates as we grow and evolve.



Organic Cotton

According to Textile Exchange, an international nonprofit organization committed to a more sustainable textile industry, organic cotton is proven to cause less environmental damage than conventional cotton:

  •  46% reduced global warming potential
  • 70% less acidification potential
  • 26% reduced eutrophication potential (soil erosion)
  • 91% reduced blue water consumption
  • 62% reduced primary energy demand

We use GOTS certified organic cotton, which tracks the impact of the cotton from every step of the process from the environment to worker safety and worker rights issues.


Natural Rubber Elastic

In our eye masks we use a responsible, ecological alternative to conventional elastics made from natural rubber and bound in GOTS certified cotton. This plastic free material is biodegradable and recyclable. Bonus- it has a longer lifespan than comparable conventional elastic.


Water Usage + Textile Waste

We dye in bundles and recharge dye baths multiple times to reduce the use of water in our dye process. We use the exhausted dye bath to water our plants whenever possible!

All of our textiles are cut to dye by piece minimizing the waste. All scraps are eventually re-purposed or recycled.

Natural Dye Benefits

“No synthetic dye has the lustre, that under-glow of rich colour, that delicious aromatic smell, that soft light and shadow that gives so much pleasure to the eye. These colours are alive.”

 -Violetta Thruston

The Use of Vegetable Dyes 1957


Natural dyes are living colors. Each plant holds its own energetic properties, which become one with the fibers. Aside from these benefits, the textile industry is one of the largest freshwater polluters on the planet. The use of harsh chemicals released during the industrial dye process has left negative imprints on our health and planet. Natural dyes offer a nontoxic alternative to this process which are safe for the environment, our homes and bodies.


Made in California

We are proud to be manufacturing in California which recently passed the  Garment Worker Protection Act, SB 1399 which prohibits piece-rate payment structure. We work with a family owned sewing company in Vista, Ca.


Wellness Accessibility & Diversity

While the hand made nature of our products yields a higher price point, we believe that wellness tools should be available to all. We offer regular sound baths via instagram live for free as well as donation based in person events in the San Diego area.  

We are committed to creating more diversity in wellness and are active in communities which cultivate these values.  Join us by checking out Encinitas 4 Equality and Dive in Well.