High Vibrational Lymphatic Drainage


Sunday, May 1st 10am-12pm
In person lymphatic drainage with cleansing sound bath
Oceanside, CA – Address provided with purchase
Space is limited!


Two of the best ways to move stagnant energy through the body is through sound vibration and soft rhythmic touch.

Both have the ability to strengthen and calm your nervous system, transporting you into a deep state of relaxation.

Join us for this intimate opportunity to reset and cleanse your body from the inside out.


Included in this experience:

  • Education and tutorial for at home lymphatic drainage techniques.
  • 1 hour sound bath + hands-on lymphatic drainage. The intimate group size will allow each of us to service you individually.
  • You will leave with a strengthened nervous system and be empowered with tools to continue this work at home on your own.

Meet your hosts:


Katrina, founder of Sea Level Skincare
Katrina Amato is no stranger to the often harsh impacts the beauty world can have on a woman’s personal evolution. By way of Madison WI, her 20-year journey professionally modeling, and dancing infused a deep desire in Katrina to find a way to help women take their “beauty power” back into their own hands. She felt compelled to support their discovery of what beauty feels like, rather than being told what it should be. All of this inspired her pursuit of becoming a licensed holistic esthetician, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, and certified in Advanced Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Lauren, founder of Sound as Color
Lauren is a designer, natural dyer, and sound practitioner. Sound as Color combines traditional techniques of sound healing and natural dyes through vibrations of sound, nature, and color for modern mindfulness. Trained in Mysore, India, Lauren’s sound meditation approach uses overtone emitting instruments such as himalayan singing bowls, tingsha, and chimes played with the purpose of nurturing the body, mind and spirit. These instruments induce a state of deep rest and relaxation that create an accessible opportunity to quiet the mind for self-exploration.


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