Sound as Color Muse: Katrina Amato, founder of Sea Level Skincare
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Sound as Color Muse: Katrina Amato, founder of Sea Level Skincare

Having a facial with Katrina is like looking at your skin from the inside out. The thoroughness and individuality with which she treats each of her clients is truly special. Trained as a holistic esthetician, as well as in Ayurveda and manual lymphatic drainage, she utilizes these modalities throughout your entire service from intake, time on the table, and follow-up care. No two sessions are alike. She is innately skilled at tuning into the unique needs of your skin and addressing it with her vast toolkit. She is trained and uses Laurel Skincare in all her treatments which use whole plant organic ingredients, the aroma, texture and even taste of some of the products are an incredible sensory experience of their own, not to mention the beauty of these powerful plants being put to use to treat the skin!


I have never experienced a facial quite like yours which combines Ayurveda and Lymphatic Drainage with plants, how do you define your work and what you offer?
Through Ayurveda, whole plant organic skincare, and Lymphatic Drainage, I am able to rebalance my clients from the inside out, leaving them with healthy glowing skin and a happy heart.

The first treatment begins with a thorough Ayurvedic skin consult, allowing me to dive deeper into what is happening inside the body. This is an essential part of my process. It allows me to build a solid foundation with my clients before developing a unique one of kind facial specific to their needs.

My 2-hour treatments offer a rich and nourishing experience for one’s mind and body. Since our skin absorbs everything we put on it, I only use clean, organic, farm-to-bottle, handcrafted skincare that is impeccably sourced. This allows my client’s skin to be fed and supported by whole plant ingredients containing hundreds of antioxidant variations, vitamins, and nutrients.

I also incorporate Lymphatic Drainage techniques. This gentle and rhythmic approach helps stimulate and strengthen the body’s natural immunity, activates the parasympathetic nervous system (a state in which the cells in our body can truly heal and repair), and assists in clearing congestion, stagnation, and emotional blocks. This technique opens up the channels for the fluid to flow so that the skin can glow. As Angela Peck says it best, “No flow, no glow.”


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Your path has been an interesting one from dancing to modeling to becoming a holistic esthetician, can you share the journey that brought you to starting Sea Level Skincare?
My journey has been a wild and crazy ride. Through all the ups and downs, It truly feels like I was meant to educate, connect, and empower women to embrace their own unique beauty through holistic health and skincare.

Growing up in Madison, WI, I was a very shy and quiet kid, which made dance the perfect outlet for me. Even though I wasn’t naturally talented at it, dance made me feel alive because I was able to fully express myself without saying a word. With lots of hard work and dedication, this humbling beginning led me all the way to California State University, Long Beach where I received my bachelor of fine arts in dance and choreography.

After graduating from college, modeling offered financial security that allowed me to be independent in Los Angeles. The body awareness that I had from being a dancer was a major advantage in booking fashion advertisements and television commercials that were seen all over the world. The attention and praise felt wonderful, however, my happiness and joy began to fade. The unrealistic expectations of my employers was killing me, literally. My hair was falling out and my body was breaking down. The more weight I lost, the more money I’d receive, and the more attention I would get. It was a vicious cycle.

I realized that the images I was putting out into the world could easily distort one’s idea of beauty. I hated that I was feeding into this unrealistic image of perfection that so many fashion and beauty brands made young girls and women desire. So, I decided to leave the industry.

This is when I became a yoga teacher. My weekly classes shifted my spirit and restrengthened my mind and body helping me regain my strength and flexibility to begin dancing again.
From yogi, to dancer, to choreographer my soul was being fed once more. My happiness and confidence were restored. It was so rewarding to be my true self and attract the positive energy I was emanating rather than pretending to be someone I was not. Just like that, modeling and tv commercial opportunities presented themselves once again. I finally felt like I was living out my childhood dreams.

It was in the early stages of my modeling career, at age 13, that I was introduced to my first skincare product; an inexpensive bright pink exfoliant. I was fascinated with the science behind how it worked to clear up my skin. My curiosity continued as I explored and experimented with various skincare brands, observing how it affected my skin.

Throughout my 20-plus years as a freelancer, I played with the idea of becoming an esthetician. I established a lovely friendship with Josh Rosebrook, who would later refer me to his holistic esthetician. Thank you, Josh! It wasn’t until I experienced my first holistic facial with the one and only Britta Plugg, that it all clicked. Instead of following a standard protocol, Britta was so in tune with what my skin needed. I was fascinated by her love of Gua Sha and the clean beauty brands she incorporated in her treatments. Britta would soon go in creating the highly successful Gua Sha company Wilding Beauty.

Never in a million years would I ever consider leaving the entertainment industry, however, after the birth of my daughter, everything changed. I reconnected with Britta for some guidance in the skincare field. She referred me to what became my skincare bible, Absolute Beauty by Dr. Pratima Raichur. With her encouragement and support, along with Angela Peck, Josh Rosebrook, and my lovely fiancé; I finally decided to go back to school and make my new dream a reality.

At age 32, I was terrified to reinvent myself once more. Did I have it in me to go back to school? Looking back, it was really hard. Night after night, I struggled to be away from my one-year-old. It was easy for me to forget my end goal. However, my humbling beginning through dance was a constant reminder that hard work and dedication do pay off.

After receiving my esthetician license and completing a year at Southern California University of Health and Science to become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor, I finally felt ready to begin working in the field of holistic esthetics.
Covid was obviously a surprise to us all. It definitely made my job more difficult to perform given the new protocols that were required. However, the change in pace allowed me time to construct the ideas I had been carrying around in my head for my own practice. Following the reopening of the last quarantine, I finally felt ready to make Sea Level Skincare a reality. To my surprise, thanks to my friends, family, and loyal clientele, Sea Level skincare took off faster than I ever imagined.


Lymphatic Drainage seems to be trending in the world of wellness- what do you want people to understand about the lymphatic system and how to work with it?
The lymphatic system lays right below the dermis, the first layer of the skin. It is superficial and delicate to the touch. It doesn’t take much to begin pumping it and getting fluids to flow and drain. If one applies too much pressure they will flatten the lymph vessels and could potentially cause congestion. This is why a feather-light touch is necessary when doing any sort of lymphatic drainage, gua sha, dry brushing, or just by using one’s hands.

The best example I’ve found to help people find the proper touch is to mimic the pressure needed to move a penny gently across a table. Again, less is more here. The lighter and gentler you are, the better results you will see.

Oh! And always flush and drain the neck downward towards the collar bones! Begin and end at this location, your body will thank you.


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You do an incredible job harmonizing your business with being a Mother to your beautifully creative daughter. Any advice for Mothers who either have a business or want to start one?
Well, thank you! I try my best, but it isn’t always easy.

As any working mom may know, it is all about finding a balance. As soon as you find it, it usually changes. Ha, welcome to motherhood!

It takes a lot of discipline and willingness to work at odd hours of the day and night in order to complete work-related projects. I find myself most productive when everyone is sleeping, usually, around 5:30/6am.
Be aware of your time spent on your electronics. Your children are always absorbing your actions.

Mom guilt is real. Do your best to remind yourself of the positive aspects you are demonstrating to your children. For me, it is important for my daughter to see me working in a field that I love which is also helping others.

Lastly, it is crucial to set clear boundaries around your work schedule. Make sure you assign your workdays with specific tasks, start, and end times. As your success begins to take off these boundary lines can easily get blurred. Having someone to hold you accountable is extremely helpful. My fiancé is quick to let me know when my work is overflowing into our family time. Though it may be hard to hear, it always brings balance back into all of our lives.


What is your favorite element of Motherhood?
Being able to be a kid again only this time experiencing it through my daughter’s eyes.

Watching her passions and joys come to life and seeing her shine.

Full belly laughing with one another over the little things.

Also, the simple moments of being together as a family.


You are a walking advertisement for your services with glowing skin- I have to ask. What do your morning and evening skincare routines look like?
99% of all the products I use on my skin are from Laurel whole-plant organic Skincare. Her line is formulated with mindfully sourced, highly vibrant whole plants picked at their peak. The freshness and efficacy of her products are unmatched. This is the same line that I use and sell in my treatment room at Sea Level Skincare.

Since I have dryer, more mature skin, I only use a cleanser in the evening and splash my face with water in the morning. This prevents me from over stripping my skin, leaving me with a healthy microbiome. Once my skin is clean, I always follow up with a hydrosol, serum, and a balm to seal it in all the moisture.

If I happen to be wearing a tinted moisturizer and/or mascara, I make sure to double cleanse in the evening. I start with Laurel’s Oil Cleanser as my make-up remover. The oil does a great job of breaking apart the make-up while keeping the skin hydrated. I apply the oil while my skin is dry, massaging it deep into my pores, and then I remove it with a warm washcloth. I follow this up with her Support Cleanser, applying and removing it in a similar fashion.

As far as exfoliation and masking goes, I tend to use one of Laurel’s herbal masks or Honey Berry Mask in the evening about once a week. However, this really depends on how my skin is feeling and what it is communicated to me that it needs.
I love saturating my skin with Laurel’s hydrosols, you can’t go wrong with any of them. Her Elixir II is my number one seller. With it’s blend of chamomile, lavender, turmeric, meadowsweet, lemon balm and helichrysum hydrosols; it does an amazing job of calming and supporting the skin with all its hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the daytime, I finish my routine with a lentil size amount of Day Balm and one pump of Pratima’s Neem Rose SPF 30. At night, I end with Laurel’s Night Balm.

If I’m feeling puffy, or experiencing any sinus pressure, I will do some lymphatic drainage with my hands or a facial dry brush to move things along.

Besides my skincare, I do my best to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, keep my body active, and continue doing the things I love.


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What other practices ground and support you?
Besides spending quality time with my family, I absolutely love gardening with them. My fiancé created the most beautiful native garden around our home that our daughter loves exploring, harvesting, and smelling the various plants and flowers. It keeps us all very grounded and keeps us connected with nature.

When I have the time, I also love harvesting white sage and woolly blue curls from our garden to make into facial hydrosols. The entire process is a long one, but it is also extremely meditative and beneficial to my friends and clients.


We immediately bonded over the power of plants and their many uses of them. Can you share a bit about the ingredients you use in your facials and how the plants beautifully lend themselves to your practice?
Building my own garden with my partner has taught me so much about nature and the power of plants. Learning the cycles of the plants, understanding when to harvest a plant and why, as well as understanding the properties and remedies that they were used for by the Kumeyaay Indians, the indigenous Indians of San Diego county; has taught me how powerful the simple act of giving a plant or person love and nourishment can truly make one thrive.

We, as humans, are tied to nature in so many ways. I look at my skincare the same way I look at my food. It has to be fresh, clean, and vibrant. This is why Laurel Whole-Plant Organic Skincare is my main line that I use in my practice. She has skillfully created handcrafted products that are straight from local farmers to your bottle without adding water, alcohol, or fillers. They are absolutely beautiful!

Being able to work with plants so closely is such an honor and dream. Thanks to Laurel’s skincare, I incorporate ingredients such as scarlet pimpernel, calendula, rose, lavender, marshmallow root, milky oats, and white sage to name a few. Their soothing, hydrating, lymphatic stimulating, and anti-inflammatory properties make for healthy, happy, and glowing skin.

As Laurel says it best, “no man-made ingredients can compare to the delicate, intricate, and powerful science of Nature.”


What is your favorite skincare tool?
Though I love using my face reflexology tool from time to time, along with my Gua Sha stone and dry brush, my hands are definitely my favorite. This is because they are always with me, and they allow me to feel what is really going on underneath the skin.

If I had to choose one, it would either be my yin yang face reflexology tool or my facial dry brush.