Crystal Eye Mask: How To Use & Why It Works
natural dye silk crystal eye mask

Crystal Eye Mask: How To Use & Why It Works

I have been working with crystals for many years, and have had much success with working with them while charging it with a specific intention. Over the years of doing this I would sleep with these crystals under my pillow or in my pillowcase and in the process lost them in hotels, washing machines, and who knows where else! I came up with the idea of the Crystal Eye Mask to not only keep track of my stones, but to bring this ritual into my morning and evening routine. I went through several iterations of the mask before executing what is now our signature Crystal Eye Mask. It features a tiny pocket at the third eye that comes equipped with a small crystal. Each mask features a unique crystal that targets something different. For example, our Blue Sky Day Crystal Eye Mask comes with a chalcedony crystal which helps to calm and soothe the nervous system creating an ideal state for sleep or meditation. We encourage you to choose based on what you are calling in, re-charge and replace the crystals as you are working through different things in your life.

natural dye silk crystal eye mask - charge crystal

Crystals are powerful tools and I don’t want to underestimate this in their usage. Each purchase comes with a set of cards that walk you through a charging ritual for your eye mask and crystal. Treat these with attention and detail. Spend time in stillness to get clear on what you are calling into your crystals. Set aside about 15- 20 minutes and follow the included cards for our suggested step-by-step ritual for infusing your intention. Revisit this intention each evening & morning as you put on and take off your mask. We suggest journaling to keep track of the results. Pay attention to the things coming up and the people and things that are coming your way during this time.

natural dye silk crystal eye mask - insert crystal

Our eye masks are made from carefully sourced materials making them safer for you, your home and then environment. They are made of 100% silk which is gentle and hydrating for the delicate skin around your eyes. Our strap is made of 100% natural rubber elastic encased in GOTS certified cotton. Unlike conventional elastic, there is no plastic used- plus natural rubber has a longer life-span and retention. Our masks are filled with GOTS certified organic cotton blocking out all light to promote deep sleep. Natural dyes not only offer the most gorgeous colors, but antibacterial and anti-microbial benefits as well as energetic properties. Lastly, each mask is infused with reiki and intentions for peaceful rest. We hope you feel all of the intentionality and love when you use one.

natural dye silk crystal eye mask - conjure calm